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DJ EONS/HEALER - Dank Goblins 7"

Image of DJ EONS/HEALER - Dank Goblins 7"


Warthog Speak has this to say:
A heady, not-so-obvious-until-you-hear-it tag team of blast-and-chill from a couple Bay Area rippers splitting a titanic, future-classic two-sider. One side spins out the sample-laden, blink-and-you-missed it, 2017 demo of ripping-tearing-and-slashing grind-violence from HEALER. Originally limited to 50 copies on cassette, this material needed a wider physical audience. Fuck with HEALER if you dig EXCRUCIATING TERROR, CROSSED OUT, prime era West Bay cartel groups, and that whole thing. Over on the opposite side of this black and waxy platter, three cuts of spooky, instrumental gloom-groove, hip-hop-doom, beat-butchery roach off the hands of almighty DJ Eons (aka Kung Fu Dan, aka Dan Lactose), teamed up with PLUTO / REDACTED / AGENTS’ Frankobadanko, and Andres Wade from GOD’S AMERICA. This record dusts it. Period. Pressing of 250, all on black.

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