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GELD - Demo 7"

Image of GELD - Demo 7"


Released on No Patience (NP:53)
Vinyl reissue of the ever excellent debut recording from Melbourne’s GELD. Originally released in 2016 on Space Ritual Records, this recording captures 5 tracks of spiraling psychedelic d-beat delivered with unrestrained sonic ferocity. Featuring members of KROMOSOM, GENTLEMEN, TOL, and more this recording touches on a wide range of influences ranging from the raw chaos of Italian punk, the claustrophobic madness of Japanese noise core, and the direct assault of American hardcore. Absolutely savage vocals on this recording top off a truly frantic and desperate sound. Highly recommended.
This 7” is a limited 300 pressing for the bands 2018 USA tour in support of their LP on Iron Lung Records.

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