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SHIT COFFINS - Termination LP

Image of SHIT COFFINS - Termination LP


SHIT COFFINS - Termination LP w/download (LUNGS-132)
When you suddenly shine a light in total darkness you can't see right away but your body still tries. It's a reflex. It's unavoidable. And in that moment, the struggle to maintain what little grip you had becomes so urgent and overpowering that you will do whatever you can just to see anything at all. Wether it means peace or annihilation at least that thing is familiar and you reach for it, right? SHIT COFFINS have that same urgency, contempt and anxiousness. With broken mirror hardcore like this it's no surprise it's coming from members of TALK IS POISON, NO STATIK and MASS ARREST. Smash yourself to this one.
350 black and 150 coke bottle clear copies of 150gr vinyl housed in a 24pt reverse board blackout sleeve with download card included. A hard record.

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