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Image of SOLUTIONS - Life Of joy MLP


SOLUTIONS - Life Of Joy 12" (LUNGS-030)
A band that was never supposed to have a long life performed a grand total of 3 times, once in Milwaukee (home to Justin Kern), once in Buffalo (home to David Bailey & Patrick Bolger) and finalized the trilogy by performing their maniac music in Seattle (home to Joe Bellucci) back in March 2015. Curse of three? Good things come in threes? Bizarre love triangle?
"SOLUTIONS' contribution is brief but hugely important to the lexicon of modern power violence. Short, brutal and uncompromising sound blisters here, even to the well-calloused ear. No one plays it like these guys. It is baffling and otherworldly to see. When IRON LUNG played their first show in Milwaukee a few years ago they made me want to retire from playing music altogether and I fucking love doing what I do. Rarely does a band hit me that hard." -Jensen Ward
Recorded by Jackson Long and Shane Hochstetler. Art by Craig Sheperd. 300 copies ever.

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