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WOUND MAN - Prehistory 7" [small qty found!]


WOUND MAN - Prehistory 7" w/download (LUNGS-115)
The lyrics to the titular track beg the question: "What will evolution come up with?" Seeing people purposely devolve, becoming more stupid and cro-magnon by the year, provides the answer: Evolutionary life is a curiously destructive downward spiral ending back at the simian simplicity that started this whole planet draining mess in the first place. 'Prehistory' is 9 songs of blistering New Bedford style power violence complete with the stop start blaze and sludgery that makes their brand so brutally enthralling.
350 copies on black, 150 on smoky clear 70gr vinyl housed in an ILR custom 12pt reverse board glued pocket sleeve with insert and download card. Recorded by Trevor Vaughn. Mastered by Will Killingsworth. Cut at Golden Mastering. Artwork by Cassidy McGinley.

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