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Canada has a long and storied history of New Wave. We had some of the best records of the varying styles from Pointed Sticks to Viletones and DOA to Neos. Even our own KBD monsters like Dry Heaves and Siggy Magic. Powerpop wasn't just the previously mentioned Pointed Sticks though. In Victoria BC Canada there was a band that released two strong singles in 1980 on Richards Records and broke up 2 years later. Active for only 3 years, these singles were quickly forgotten and overshadowed by the blistering hardcore of the cities 2nd wave.
The band was called Easy Money.
Fast Forward a 2 or 3 decades.
Piecing together Canada's involvement in punk and new wave has been a hobby of mine for years. Finding the obscurities, the mistakes, the forgotten and the outright terrible has been fun and frustrating. Talking to old rockers, punks, promoters and fans, probing the local fanzines and looking for the things no one has heard before presents a whole slough of different emotions. It also presents a pretty stand-out record collection. To think that there were demo quality recordings of Easy Money - enough to make an LP - lying around un-comped and unheard with exceptional sound quality was truly dumbfounding. Solid songs, excellent playing, infectious, live off the floor, 2 track jamspace demos. They had to be heard. And now they can. Hosehead Records and Neon Taste Records in conjunction with the band are co-releasing Easy Money's demo LP with both singles for your listening pleasure and we guarantee you it is worth the price of admission.

FFO Pointed Sticks, The Heats, Cheap Trick and Kidda Band.

On Neon Taste Records.

Steve Bailey says: "I saw Easy Money play a couple of times in '81-'82 when I was in the NEOS. I was too young, too obsessed with being "punk" and too dumb to realize how great these guys were.They were in a tough spot, probably too punk for the rock'n'roll crowd and not punk enough to be accepted in our scene. I hadn't given them much thought until I heard a few of their tracks while the "All Your Ears Can Hear" Compilation was being put together. I was really blown away. So glad this has come out." Favorite track: It Keeps Me Living.

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