Nick Blinko - Retrospective Art Book (high quality paperback edition)


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Nick was awarded the grand prix of the prestigious “Triennial of Self-taught Visionary Art” at Belgrade in February of 2020. This book is effectively the first career-spanning retrospective publication many fans of his have been asking for. Reader's who might not be aware of Nick's sleeve art for his own band Rudimentary Peni or his one-off art for Coil, the Lovecraft volume he has illustrated or the two previous volumes David Tibet has published under his Coptic Cat imprint, will find much to enjoy in this book. Each of Nick's creations is like a weird novella in itself, you can at least spend as much time exploring the endlessly detailed work as you would spend on reading and decoding an Aickman strange story. We are certain you will love this book and Nick's art.

In order to be able to offer this edition for an affordable price, the few colour artworks of the hardcover editions have been replaced with previously unseen black and white drawings. (70 full-page drawings by Nick and a 19-page essay by Dr. Colin Rhodes)

Release Date: Winter 2021
Size: 22 × 28 cm
Pages: 164
ISBN: 978-3-945-795-92-7
Edition: quality paperback edition (NOT THE HORRIBLE PRINT ON DEMAND VERSION THAT AMAZON WAS SELLING. This edition looks fucking amazing. -Jensen)
Workmanship: Paperback binding, illustrated boards.

About the Author:
Nick Blinko was born in 1961. His band, Rudimentary Peni, whose records include Death Church, Cacophony, and Pope Adrian 37th, enjoy international acclaim in punk and avant-garde circles. A legendary figure in the “outsider art” scene, his paintings are exhibited across the world. He continues to write, paint, and make music in Black Langley, Hertfordshire, UK.

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