NIGHTFEEDER - Disgustor 7"


In the past few years Portland has produced some top-notch hardcore, most notably in the family of bands such as ALIENATOR, SUCK LORDS, REEK MINDS, etc. The latest installment of this cluster of weirdos is CHUEKO, with their four song debut 7”. Fierce fast, hard punk with solid paces, great tones (notably the bass, often taking the helm as the courier of riffage) and really catchy tunes. There are many nods to HC bands past, specifically 80’s USHC, but there is also a nice UK82 overtone, giving the songs a nice swagger, often bringing to mind GBH (in fact the intro for “Stupid People” is a direct homage to said band). This ep deserves to be on your turntable if you appreciate the aforementioned bands and hardcore with an emphasis on punk. No cheezy breakdowns or macho posturing, just steady driving slamming shit which will demand multiple flips of the record.

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