TERVEET KÄDET - Heikki Kemppaisen Valokuvia 1980-1984 - photo book


"These black and white pictures reflect my memories, the zeitgeist and the atmosphere of the early 1980s very well.”

This is how Terveet Kädet frontman Veli-Matti “Läjä” Äijälä describes the very first photo book of his band.

Journalist and photographer Heikki Kemppainen (b. 1964) takes the reader through the early days of Terveet Kädet, all the way from their very first show in Finland to the tragic death of the drummer Walde.

Being a close friend with the band, Heikki was able to capture them on and off stage in a very unique way. The book includes plenty of previously unseen photos and a bunch of classic shots seen in fanzines and record sleeves of the era.

While Terveet Kädet is the epicentre, the book also offers a glimpse to their hometown Tornio, a remote northern city that gave birth to one of the most influential bands in hardcore history.

120 pages, more than 100 photographs, A4 size (8.5"x12"), texts in English and in Finnish.

Released on the Finnish Hardcore label.

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