The Sketchbooks of Nick Blinko - Triple Hardcover Book box set edition


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Nearly 40 years ago, Nick regularly drew in the popular Daler A6 sketchbooks, with a handy perforation to remove single sheets. Far from being mere sketchbooks they contain so much more than simple drafts, there are countless fully realized artworks in here, one of the books is a skull/skeleton themed booklet, another one contains drawings which are easily among the most detailed, disturbing and fascinating work Nick has created, rumor has it that Coil's John Balance at one point even tried to steal one of these easily-pocketed books.

Each box comes hand wrapped and hand numbered by the publisher to maintain a completely clean unveiling. A beautiful thing, really.

Edition: Triple (Strictly limited to 500 hand numbered copies)
Release Date: Autumn 2021
Size: 11 × 15 cm
420 Pages
ISBN: 978-3-949341-19-9

About the Author:
Nick Blinko was born in 1961. His band, Rudimentary Peni, whose records include Death Church, Cacophony, and Pope Adrian 37th, enjoy international acclaim in punk and avant-garde circles. A legendary figure in the “outsider art” scene, his paintings are exhibited across the world. He continues to write, paint, and make music in Black Langley, Hertfordshire, UK.

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