X - Hate City 7"


These four songs, recorded in 1977, are the only recordings of the original 4-piece line-up of the Australian band X featuring Ian Rilen (Rose Tattoo), Steve Lucas, Ian Krahe, and Steve Cafiero. Three of the songs (Home is Where the Floor Is, TV Cabaret Rules, and Hate City) were released on the 1985 compilation "Why March When You Can Riot" while Good On Ya Baby was later re-recorded for the X-Aspirations LP.

While their debut LP, X-Aspirations, is rightly lauded as an Australian punk classic, this batch of songs is often overlooked due to the fact that they never received a wide release. This is the band at their most snotty and rambunctious.

This is an authorized one-time press of 500 copies on black vinyl by Dirt Cult and Green Noise Records.

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