The New Wave of Brutality and Hardcore Massacre has arrived. Tokyo punks KRIEGSHÖG are back with their first full length. After 3 7”s that we love at LVEUM they finally went for the album. Thirteen tracks of extremely bass driven hardcore destruction. The recording is relentless, full of energy and distorted. Yet moving from the ultra blown out recording of their earlier output. This is the band’s most dynamic recording so far and in our humble opinion is destined to be a classic and genre defining album. This is the 2024 pressing so this time around the LP comes housed in a heavy duty paste on board sleeve with heavy weight inner sleeve. Overall a top quality packaging for a top quality record. -LVEUM

One of the great hardcore records of the last decade or so is finally back in print, with the same bulldozer sound and a slight upgrade in the packaging. This LP seemed like it was gone in a flash the first time around... it came out not long before the band called it quits, so I suppose there wasn't much point in pressing a bazillion copies and keeping it in print, but demand has remained steady for this since it's such a banger. Eschewing much of the quirkiness and/or rock influence that defines a lot of Japanese hardcore groups (particularly those bands that contain members who have been active since the 80s), Kriegshog instead have a full-bore sound that, like their countrymen in Framtid, never lets up, but also feels pretty fresh and original, at least as far as the genre goes. Kriegshog have kind of a loose playing style that makes the band seem like a snake that's coiled and ready to strike, and their sound makes use of a kind of shrill, very modern-sounding production value that also makes them sound a little like more straight up noisy bands like D-Clone or Zyanose. I don't know, man, at the end of the day they are what they are... Kriegshog are simply one of the most crushing bands to come out of Japan in some time, and this LP is perhaps their defining statement. Own it or pose. -Sorry State

Released on La Vida Es Un Mus.

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