PAPRIKA - Let's Kill Punk LP

$18.00 - $22.00

PAPRIKA - Let’s Kill Punk
LP / digital
Out: March 29th 2024

Do you ever sit in your room and just stare at the wall repeating a mantra to yourself? Because it’s all you can do to not totally wreck everything in sight? We do that too and most of the music that’s playing sounds like this PAPRIKA record. This is their mantra: “Destroying Shit… Ruining Lives…” To be repeated over and over while digesting this deliberately paced rampaging hardcore punk record. “Let’s Kill Punk”, with it’s massive sounding production, is all outward facing hostility projected larger than life onto you sorry public inhabitants. Creepy crawl to hell or die trying, punk.

300 on black, 200 on opaque brick red and 200 on white with black splatter 150gr vinyl housed in a reverse board 24pt jacket with insert included. Recorded by James Whitten at High Tower Studios. Mixed and mastered by Will Killingsworth. Art by Joe BB and Trash Can with a photos by Johnny Camacho.

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