S.H.I.T. - What Do You Stand For? LP

$22.00 - $30.00

S.H.I.T. - What Do You Stand For? LP w/download (LUNGS-120)
A brief but dense dose of simply hulking intense turmoil. Subtle terminology is trite, so to get to the point: S.H.I.T., the LP, blurs by in under twenty minutes of thrashing hardcore gristle. Gone are the tell-tale training wheels of delayed vocals and endless layers of feedback, here now are the tighter louder songs we'd hoped S.H.I.T. would write. A piercing musical rallying cry for the listless and ever approaching bulldoze march of the future, wrapped in cellophane transfers of melted early hardcore and the best of the last decade's fresh take on simplicity and power.
What Do You Stand For? comes on 150gr vinyl -either black, transparent green or bloodstained clear- housed in a 24pt reverse board jacket designed by legendary hc punk outsider and former S.H.I.T. designer, Jaybo. The intricately illustrated hellish image was produced with bleach onto a massive bedsheet, though the entire package is wrapped in a self censored slip cover, seemingly in the service of protecting the purchaser's dignity. Additional design by Ryan Tong. Also comes with lyric insert and download card.

European pressing available from La Vida Es Un Mus.

- Only 47 copies exist on pure clear vinyl.
- Record release show version was pressed by the band themselves (those tricky devils) in advance of their 2018 European tour. This pressing predates all of the other pressings and was a total surprise to ILR and LVEUM. Only ever sold at their record release show Feb 2018 in Toronto. Screenprinted covers and handstamped labels. Maybe 200 total pressed?

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