BBVGC / PSYWARFARE - Demons Mourn For Bloodshed CS


Excellent translation by google but you get the idea... Limited to 100 copies worldwide.

"Mr. Kohei's Hirsch Noise of GUILTY C. ~ Annoying screaming with electronics in the background The Osaka Final Cult BBGGC where the number of people who perform voice performances has increased while the identity of the person who develops voice performances is completely unknown! !!

The latest release is limited to 100 SPLIT cassettes with US metalcore group INTEGRITY vocalist Dwid's noise project PSYWARFARE!

BBVGC develops the familiar Hirsch noise + scream voice with the vintage horror movie-like SE including the Heilseitan roll call as the background! !!

A total of 14 songs with more noise core and black metal feeling, and more dynamic feeling and crazy feeling probably because there is another person! !!

PSYWARFARE, on the other hand, is the opposite of INTEGRITY's heavy image, and is a long track that Dwid's voice, distorted by pathological electronic harsh noise and drone, agitates to the WHITE HOUSE!

From the information below!

The sound source release of DMB PRODUCTION is a split cassette tape of the noise project [PSYWARFARE] by INTGRITY vocals from the masked scum noise command [BBVGC] produced by Creamland and WORLD WIDE TRUE DEMON CULT “HOLY TERROR”!

Creamland's representative BBGGC opens the curtain with the shout of "Hail Seitan", and delivers 14 tracks of safe scum noise that directly pierces the nerves. Scum Prince BBV scatters shout vomiting into a world full of manure that has been rotted by corona.

PSYWARFARE, on the other hand, is a whole-body song that develops like a short story, starting with vocals from the bass drone sound to the defeat of BBV.

The cry of the devil that can be heard from the other side of the sea of ​​Hirsch Noise.

A bloody slaughter picture scroll that even the devil looks up at the heavens and mourns. The blasphemous noise track that was born in Japan and Belgium at the same time destroys the eardrum and spirit of what is heard.


GUILTY C.のコーヘイ氏のハーシュノイズ~エレクトロニクスをバックに阿鼻叫喚瞬息的暴虐ヴォイスパフォーマンスを繰り広げる人物の正体が全く分からないどころかいつの間にかヴォイスパフォーマンスを繰り広げる人物が一人増えていた大阪ファイナルカルトBBVGC!! 最新作リリースはU.S.メタルコアグループINTEGRITYのヴォーカリストDwid氏のノイズプロジェクトPSYWARFAREとのSPLITカセット限定100本! BBVGCはハイルセイタンな点呼をはじめとしたヴィンテージホラー映画的なSEをバックにお馴染みのハーシュノイズ+スクリームヴォイスを展開!! ノイズに一層のノイズコア&ブラックメタル感が増し、もう一人増えたせいか躍動感とクレージーさが一層増した全14曲!! 対するPSYWARFAREはINTEGRITYのヘヴィーなイメージとは対極的な、病的電子ハーシュノイズ&ドローンに歪み切ったDwid氏のヴォイスがWHITEHOUSEばりにアジテートする長尺トラック全一曲! 以下インフォメーションより! DMB PRODUCTIONの音源リリースは、クリームランドが生んだ覆面スカムノイズコマンド [BBVGC ] と、WORLD WIDE TRUE DEMON CULT “HOLY TERROR”より、INTGRITYのボー カルによるノイズプロジェクト [PSYWARFARE ]のスプリットカセットテープ!

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