V/A - Copy Wright Vol... an ongoing mixtape series (Vol. 13 & 14 just in!)


Pat Wright was a child model, a Union organizer, a radio DJ, an eternal fan, a constant supporter and the consummate volunteer.

After relocating from New York to the San Francisco Bay Area in the 1970's, Pat volunteered at KALX in Berkeley and was later instrumental in reopening 924 Gilman Street after Tim Yohannan abandoned the project. The songs and sounds on the tapes in this series are compiled from Pat's immense collection of radio broadcasts, home recordings and live shows and are duplicated onto tapes from that same collection.

Pat held open doors for the rest of us.


These volumes are lovingly compiled by Robert Collins, a person who basically fits the above description with the exception of the child model part (unless there is some secret past that I don't know about after decades of friendship), inheritor of the Wright archive, boss of terminalescape.blogspot.com and maker of fine mixtapes in general. you can really hear the love on here. -Jensen

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