GAS CHAMBER - Disposition Matrix I VHS


Edition of 100

In 2013 Gas Chamber was asked to perform as part of an unprecedented public art event that took place in Buffalo’s underground NFTA light-rail stations. An auxiliary lineup, the largest in our history, was created in order to fully utilize the massive confines of our preferred and designated unit- the Amherst Street Station.

There were no stoppages in transit service to accommodate this occurrence- members and equipment were stationed mere feet from active trackbeds and LRV’s in route. Event attendees, as well as the unknowing general public, boarded NFTA LRRT #127 Southbound from University Station and were delivered to Amherst Street minutes later. Mobile Unit GREEN began the performance onboard with a clandestine technological gesture, subsequently leading into the full body of work that occupied the station’s platform. Throughout the performance several trains proceeded through the station to release and receive passengers, furthering a surreal and authentic element of utilitarian movement.

The entirety of this performance was documented by several colleagues and is presented in “DISPOSITION MATRIX I”. In lieu of a “traditional” release of the footage, we decided that long-time Buffalo artist and ally JOHN SMITH would dictate it’s final form. SMITH’S body of video-editing work is jarring and rare- which parallels his involvement in Buffalo’s deepest underground sects (TOWPATH, ASSININE, ROTTEN FRUIT OF TERRORISM, TRYSTERO). The processed footage resembles the observation of a wounded animal: highlighting primal movement and sound which at times creates an uncomfortable aura full of bitter voyeurism. Each physical copy of this release will be hand embellished by SMITH, a preferred nomenclature that exists throughout his work.

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