One of the few truly flawless LPs to ever come out of the original wave of US hardcore. We realize that is a largely debated statement but it's where we stand on this one. Not a wasted second on here. Pure genius. -ILR

Formed in 1981 by two Rockford, Illinois and two Brookfield, Wisconsin natives in the midpoint of Milwaukee, Die Kreuzen (pronounced dee kroytzen) chose their name specifically to avoid stereotyping because "no one knows what it means." The band combined early hardcore with heavy metal leanings. "Die Kreuzen" roughly translates out of German meaning "to intersect" or "to hybridize," which is exactly what they did on their five LPs for Touch and Go. Remember that flannel shirt movement in the 90's? Yeah. This is what those guys were listening to. -T&G

On Touch & Go Records.

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