V/A - Noise Not Money Vol. 1 7"


Unreleased tracks from
Warcycle – Recorded during ‘Manifesting Barbbarity’
Semtex 87 – Recorded during ‘C.I.B Demo’
Gaoled – Recorded during ‘Bestial Hardcore Demo’
Territory – Recorded during ‘The Tower’
Total Defeat – Recorded during a 2nd 7″ that was eventually abandoned
No Future – Recorded during ‘Death’

Comes in a 300gsm folded sleeve with an insert, peace logo sticker and digital download.

Imported from Televised Suicide Records in Australia.

**every once in a while the shipping amounts will seem insane (usually for multiple record int’l orders or US orders with shirts and records together) but rest assured we check each and every order and will refund any differences.