The original pressing of this synth/KBD monster is by far one of the most sought after and difficult to find in the whole world. The quality of the music here is otherworldly and it's just plain criminal that this record isn't more widely available. We lucked into a small stash of the 2008 official repress. Unplayed dead stock. If you like Killed By Death type punk you NEED this. -Jensen

Info on this pressing from Discogs which we suspect was submitted by the person that actually pressed these: This is a second pressing of the 2002 reissue on The same pressing plates were used for this release. These were actually pressed around 2008 but sat in storage until mid 2013. Although no record label is listed, this is an authorized reissue, but it is not done by

All copies of this pressing include a shrunk down color photocopy of the limited reissue sleeve pasted to a white cardstock, glue pocket sleeve. It also comes with a xeroxed lyric sheet. Same matrix numbers as the reissue obviously, but this pressing has rubber stamped labels. 350 on black, with 150 on translucent blue vinyl, all hand numbered on the back of the sleeve. Blue vinyl copies came with different covers than the black vinyl copies and the insert for the blue vinyl copies was on colored paper rather than white paper for the black vinyl copies.

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