KLONNS - Crow 7"


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7" [2nd press]
Starts shipping April 19th 2024

As a child my mother told me not to play with incendiaries but I just loved the way things looked as they exploded and burned. All that searing heat and crackling destruction made me thirst for more, for bigger, for total annihilation. That is how KLONNS feels too. "Crow" is four chunks of aural dynamite come together to form an EP chock full of explosive Japanese HC in the vein of the greats like BASTARD, LIP CREAM or DEATH SIDE. Listen loudly and dance until it's only ashes left...

2nd press is 300 on black 70gr vinyl housed in a reverse board glue pocket sleeve with lyric sheet and download card included. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Yui Kimijima. Art and design by Keigo Kurematsu.

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