FUNERAL CHANT - Dawn Of Annihilation LP


The album is a start to finish rager that goes from 0 to 60 in about a second and ties its foot to the gas pedal. The drums blast non-stop. The guitars scurry this way in that in an impressive display of frantic riffing, and off-kilter, unhinged leads give the music even more of a chaotic feel. The bass thunders and the vocalist howls himself raw.
But this album doesn’t sacrifice atmosphere, either. It combines the speed and technicality of Tsjuder with the grimy feel of Swarn and the eerieness of Howls of Ebb, mixing a potent witch’s brew in its cauldron of chaos. This is not an album to sit back and feel comfortable with; it doesn’t want your comfort. It wants to pulverize you until you resemble the gross, filthy sludge that it crawled out of. -Erin Palmer

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