MUTATED VOID - Roses Forever LP

$18.00 - $45.00

MUTATED VOID - Roses Forever LP (LUNGS-197)

Brain damaged skate thrash at it's lo-finest all the way from the eastern wilds of Halifax, NS. So raw that even the freshest catch calls it cannibal fodder. 14 filthy filthies come blasting at you in a mere 16 minutes, just long enough to back lip that crusty ledge, bail and pick the gravel out of your freshly opened road rash.

500 copies black 140 gr black vinyl housed in a 24pt jacket with the premier issue of Concrete Flower skate zine included. Mixed and mastered by Luke Mumford. Art by Cody GooGoo.

Dedicated to Rosie Davis 1989-2020.

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