MORTUOUS - Upon Desolation LP


Four years after their critically-acclaimed debut album, Mortuous returns with their second full-length offering, "Upon Desolation". Features eight tracks of sheer twisting brutality.

Upon Desolation, the band’s second album, is thrillingly difficult to pin down. Incantation and Autopsy revolutionized death metal in its wild early days by cross-pollinating it with doom, but the former were mostly concerned with making it sound inhuman and evil, while the latter hitched it to a punkish groove. Mortuous are clear disciples of those bands when working in their death metal guise, but the way they incorporate doom elements into their sound has more in common with the elegance of the Peaceville Three, or early Katatonia. The combination of gracefulness, groove, and sheer heaviness that the band achieves on Upon Desolation is rare. It’s become their signature in a crowded death metal landscape, one they’re steadily rising to the top of. -Chris Johnston

Best death metal album of 2022. -Jensen

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