RANK/XEROX - Servants In Heaven 7"


RANK/XEROX - Servants In Heaven 7" w/download (LUNGS-149)
On their first release since 2017, the elusive RANK/XEROX treat us to two delightfully dreary pop tunes that present a Factory/4AD gloom with an icy silver lining. There is hope in the notes but what lingers most is a dystopian trod through life on Earth in 2019. The resiliency of humanity is inspiring but will that be enough to keep us all going? Probably not. The fatal flaw of humanity is, well, that it is human at its core. Let's dance?
350 black and 150 transparent green vinyl records housed in a 12pt reverse board glue pocket sleeve with an 11x17 poster and download card included. Recorded by the band. Mixed by Mikey Young. Mastered by Joe Carra. Art by Kevin McCarthy.

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