AUS - Der Sch​ö​ne Schein 7"


The world is in deep and dark disturbing times and Berlin’s AUS are the soundtrack to this apocalypse. This new three track EP has everything you loved from their second album from 2020 and more. It’s full of ice cold and stark future post punk gems.The drums drive the tracks with tom tom heavy rhythms next to a thunderous, melodic and locked in bass whilst the minimal synth and scatchy guitars add to the cold atmospherics. The vocals are the icing on top and move between Siouxsie and Anja from Xmal Deutschland with an added extra portion of boredom and disdain. If this was an obscure 7” from 1979 it would be on everyone’s wants list, but luckily for everyone it’s a 2024 release. ( Sean Forbes - Rough Trade )

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