CAPTAIN SENSIBLE - This Is Your Captain Speaking 12"


This Is Your Captain Speaking’ by Captain Sensible (a founding member of The Damned) mixes pure punk audaciousness with hints of psychedelia and goth as well as choral music, to create something undeniably “Captain”. The EP features vocal contributions from the band, Dolly Mixture and engineer John Loder’s young daughter Tash. Penny Rimbaud, who wrote the lyrics for the first track, ‘What D’Ya Give’, features on drums throughout. Tongue-in-cheek and also raw, the EP represents a pivotal moment when two of punk’s original trailblazers joined forces.

1. (What D’Ya Give) The Man Who’s Gotten Everything?
2. Oursouls to You
3. The Russians Are Coming

Originally released on Crass Records.

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