OMEGA TRIBE - Angry Songs 12"


‘Angry Songs’ by Omega Tribe is anarchist punk at its finest, with powerful unrelenting lyricism, caustic riffs and an immediacy that came to define the genre. It was produced by Penny Rimbaud plus Pete Fender and included Hugh Vivian on guitar and vocals, Daryl Hardcastle on bass, Pete Fender on guitar, and Pete Shepherd on drums. The band have recently reinvented themselves, are creating and releasing new music, and they have a new album out.

The band said that ‘Angry Songs’ was “made many years ago when we were very young and had limited experience of the world. A dominant narrative of the time was the perceived likelihood of nuclear Armageddon. Many young people felt this sense of impending doom at the time, and, once punk rock had ceased to be the latest fashion trend, many bands remained steadfastly focused on this pessimistic theme. Arguably this is still the case for some of these bands whose politics are wedded to a binary of ‘us and them’. You will hear some of this reflected in Omega Tribe’s music, however, you may also hear harmonies and instrumentation that would develop on their later releases. Pete Fender supported us and brought musical and technical expertise to the project, and he went on to become a member”.

Originally released on Crass Records.

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