SIGGY MAGIC & THE HEY-HOE BAND - Commercials For Free 7"


First official reissue of the Canadian classic.
A monster rarity from the inception of Punk Rock on the West Coast was actually a soundtrack to a film of the same name. 1978's Commercials For Free is a 20 minute DIY film about a young man leaving the suburbs in search for a life more exciting. It's a film full of chain-wielding punkettes, broken dreams, getting ripped off and also some fabulous archive footage of early punk in Vancouver including early Subhumans footage and a wacky storyline that follows Siggy and his experience with the New Wave. Shortly after the film release a small, one-time pressing of 200 copies was released, quickly snapped up by locals. Commercials For Free flew under the radar and was generally an unknown piece of punk rock history complete with false-starts, maniacal singing and raw manic energy. The excellent Smash The State Compilation series drew some more attention to this rare artifact and compiled 3 of its 4 tracks on the 3rd edition, removing some more of the mystery that made up this release.

Now Neon Taste Records releases it in its entirety for the first time.

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