FRSKE - Desecration Anxiety III CS


What do you do with your one wild precious life? The color veneer of tones and rhythms is a rejection of all paths and an embracing of the profane. What did Elizabeth Claire Prophet do in her pursuit for a great understanding of this world? She removed herself. Desecration Anxiety III is the conclusion of a journey from the outward to the inward and back outward because we can't all live in the celestial temples of our mind.

Organic industrial/ambient, and then some. Synths, samples, live percussion, and field recordings. The LP was limited to 140 copies and is now sold out. Featuring various collaborators including S. Creasey, J. Best, Cliff Notez, G. Forbes and more. Mastered by Will Killingsworth. Recorded 2020-2021.

This is the third and final installment of the Desecration Anxiety triptych which explores spirituality, zealotry, and reconciliation of the profane as well as the celebration of life.

In memory of A. Warbington.

Re the Cassette: We (DivSeries) confiscated a whole box of FRKSE contraband from an undisclosed location. We have reason to think the maniacs at 667 are behind the foul deed as babelfissh's name is on the slick j-card. Upon inspection, it looks like these miscreants have added an additional track of lyrical goatsmackery. We are commandeering operations from here and selling these tapes which appear to be limited to 45 or so. Pro dubbed, blue shells.

**every once in a while the shipping amounts will seem insane (usually for multiple record int’l orders or US orders with shirts and records together) but rest assured we check each and every order and will refund any differences.