COSMIC SAND DOLLARS - 3 different LPs to cruise from


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COSMIC SAND DOLLARS - Let's Go Insertion! LP "The further advancement of anti-surf futurism." COSMIC SAND DOLLARS - Let's Go Critical Density! LP "Launch Date: 2014. This is the record that started it all; the idea was propulsive - take the energies and can-do attitude of the first wave American instrumental boom (1959-63) and merge it all with flavors of the modern era. Of course, if you are reading this, you probably know that the band went on to further develop (and envelop) this philosophy into something else, but many of those same strains and playful ideas are present here. This is extremely clean, sock hop music. Why put on the same boring crap from the '60s for your next surfer's pajama party when you can spin this? Originally issued in a now out-of-print CD format where, naturally, pretty much nobody has heard this until now." COSMIC SAND DOLLARS - Requiem For King Dick LP "On the night of March 16, 2019 The Cosmic Sand Dollars played their first live show despite being an active recording group for nearly 5 years. The very next day the band members learned that the previous night during their set, some 60 miles south, surf guitar legend Dick Dale passed away. This album was written and recorded that next week as a humble tribute to the memory and legend of Mr. Dale. Under the premise of surf music, the Cosmic Sand Dollars explore and push the limits of the oft-misunderstood genre as well as begging, borrowing and stealing from several other genres, implementing homemade electronics and a mish-mash of recording techniques to come up with something more than the sum of its parts. Don't let the 'surf' moniker fool you, any hodad freak-oh can get down with this. Mastered by William Killingsworth. Album liner notes by Tony Rettman. Excelsior!"

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