NASAL BOYS - Lost & Found LP


Maybe one of the first punk band from Switzerland are the Nasal Boys. Founded December 1976 by Rudolph Dietrich, Leo Remmel and Heinrich Wüstenhagen. In addition they are surrounded by a steady changing bunch of musicians. Their first gig was in May 1977 under the name 1001 and in October the Boys recorded a few songs and shortly after their only single ''Die Wüste Lebt'' came out on Periphery Perfume in 1978. They continued to play more live shows and how raw and wild they sound live is here on the B-side documented, recorded at Drahtschmidli, Zurich in 23. December 1977. Thanks to a friend of Rudolph, he gave him the recordings and new remixed they are now here available. Would be a shame if they had stayed in the sinking. Former producer Silvio Panosetti found the unreleased studio songs, on side A and they are also great tunes. You can really feel the agressive guitars and the fast rough Nasal Boys sound which is quite unique. I know no other Swiss punk band that played so real hard (Jack & The Rippers as well). The band disbanded in 1978 and change their name into Expo. So this record is limited to 1000 handnumbered copies with a band-story in English and German plus coloured pictures of gig-posters. A loving and excellent record, thanks to Swisspunk for this lost nuggets. -writeup taken from the whydothingshavetochange blog.

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