THE CHEIFS - Hollywest Crisis LP


Back in print by popular demand: the Chiefs complete studio recordings from 1980 to 1982 including their highly sought after KBD 7in EP, Blues. They truly epitomize the sound, feel and anger of the early Southern California punk rock movement. For fans of Black Flag, The Weirdos, The Controllers and the Plugz.

Regarding the misspelled name: Here is an interview/article excerpt with Bob Glassley in 2017 by Chad Radford, he relayed the story: By December of ’79, the group had settled on the name Cheifs. A friend of the band, Roger Rogerson, who played bass for the Circle Jerks, often playfully called out bossy people for being “the big chief,” or saying they were “chiefin’ out.” The band rolled with it. Around the same time, Glassley had an uncle die from Leukemia. He’d worked as a butcher and always wore plain white T-shirts. When he died, Glassley inherited those shirts. One afternoon he bought some red and black spray paint, went to his room at Holly-West, and made band shirts. When he showed them to the rest of the band, the reaction was a resounding, “Ah dude, you spelled it wrong! On every single one of them!” But amid the punk era’s landscape adorned with logos like the Misfits’ skull and Black Flag’s bars, Cheifs presented a golden opportunity for branding. “I know how to spell,” Glassley laughs. “The i and the e came after c! … And ask anyone named Keith how they spell their name!”

Official reissue on Dr. Strange

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