7” / Digital
Out June 28th 2024

The next wave of devastating harDCore is upon us! Brain Tourniquet and Deliriant Nerve, both following up LPs on Iron Lung and Malokul respectively, have been a part of representing the Washington DC fast music scene for many years now. A pact was made between the two groups to challenge themselves by stripping everything down to its most primal form and delivering a concise and uncompromising split 7”. They’ve effectively channeled the groundbreaking fast splits of their grinding forefathers (Napalm Death / SOB, Crossed Out / Man Is The Bastard, Neanderthal / Rorschach) with 16 tracks dealing with the suffering, loneliness, and misery that encompasses daily life in the 21st century. People should listen to it if they prefer their blast beat music done The Old Way. No frills. Hardcore, rugged, and raw.

600 copies on black, 200 on trans green and 200 on pink 70gr vinyl housed in a 12pt reverse board glue pocket sleeve with double sided lyric sheet included. BRAIN TOURNIQUET side was recorded and mastered by Arthur Rizk. Art by M.B. DELIRIANT NERVE side was recorded by Eric Zidar and mastered by Arthur Rizk. Art by Caroline Krakcik.

Also available in Europe from RSR.

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