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SHRINKWRAP KILLERS - Feed The Clones Pt. 1 LP (LUNGS-224)

Another wild down-tuned synth-riddled cut and paste ride through the devolving post-apocalyptic ocean of a maniac's mind. Get in the barge and rip ass through the rolling waves of Spits/Voodoo/Reatard/Can infused space punk that tackles such heady subjects as night creatures, Darwinian caregiving, space labs, paranoia, Reptilians (real) and perusing a selection of perfect sperm for purchase (shrinkwrapped for freshness of course, hahaha). Choose wisely.

350 copies on black, 150 on translucent blue splatter 150gr vinyl housed in a 24pt jacket with lyric insert included. Recorded, mixed, mastered and performed by Greg Wilkinson. Art by Santos.

Cassette version of “Feed The Clones Pt. 1” available from Transylvanian Tapes.
Stay tuned for "Feed The Clones Pt. 2" appearing at Carbonized Records later this year.

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