GAOLED - Bestial Hardcore 7" flexi


GAOLED - Bestial Hardcore 7" flexi (LUNGS-236)

The 2nd release by GAOLED (pronounced 'jailed', like the SCAPEGOAT song, which they cover on this flexi), also titled "Bestial Hardcore" - a title so nice they used it twice - sees the crew tightening it's strap and getting ready for some unknown forthcoming hell. The new material is just as violent and paranoid as the demo but the sound is sharpened up quite a bit making all the more dangerous. Still from Perth, still power violence and still criminally raw. Watch your step.

300 toxic yellow flexis housed in a 69lb cardstock j-card foldover sleeve. Recorded by Will "Whoopa" Hooper. Mixed by Michael Christopher. Mastered by Will Killingsworth. Art and layout by GAOLED.

This is a split release with Televised Suicide from Australia.

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