SSD - The Kids Will Have Their Say LP [grey vinyl]


What is there to say about SSD's long-out-of-print, 1982 debut, "The Kids Will Have Their Say," that hasn't already been written? Long heralded as the first straight-edge album, this collection of songs captures a time and an era in the nascent hardcore scene before formulas and posturing. Now, after being out of print for 40 years, the album will be available on vinyl by Trust Records with remastered audio and a painstaking recreation of the iconic cover art courtesy of Bryan Ray Turcotte. New pressing now available on grey vinyl.

"Boiling Point"
"Fight Them"
"Do You Even Care"
"Not Normal"
"Wasted Youth"
"Jock Itch"
"Fun to You"
"How Much Art"
"The Kids Will Have Their Say"
"Headed Straight"
"War Threat"
"Teach Me Violence"
"Who's to Judge"
"Police Beat"
"The End"

On Trust records.

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