CLARKO - Welcome To Clarko LP

$18.00 - $20.00

CLARKO - Welcome To Clarko LP (LUNGS-230)

"America's Little Brother" is back after a lengthy stay at the Deformatory for the Young and Well Adjusted. It's been a productive placement that has birthed the debut dozen dubbed "Welcome To Clarko". An arms wide invitation to the double mad anxious new wave/brainpunk world of smart-mouthed subversion, man-made aneurysms, knee-jerk antagonism and juvenile gambling addictions. In short, a delight for the senseless.

400 copies on black, 150 on mustard yellow and 150 on translucent purple 150gr vinyl housed in a 24pt jacket with insert and obi strip included. Recorded by Morgan Travis. Mastered by Nick Townsend. Photography by Alisha Funkhouser. Art by JRCG.

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