Damaging hardcore from Melbourne with ties to all kinds of things that have considered canon in your lives by now. SJN's demo originally hit the stacks in 2004 and their chaotic live shows have leveled rooms ever since. Hell, Iron Lung Records even did a 7" for them back in 2012.

Each record includes a 20 page fanzine with photos, flyers and writings by Emily (SJN, Sucio Poder), DX (SJN, Total Control), Yeap (Enzyme, Pisschrist) and Christina (Vanilla Poppers, Swab). Also included is an A3 riso poster, hand stamped 7” sleeve and hand numbered envelope.

Pressed in Australia at Zenith and remastered for ultra stereo sonic sound. This is an authorized one-time press of 300 copies on Winter Garden Records.

Can't find the player with the demo on it so enjoy the 'Nationalism' 7" in case you don't know what this band sounds like.

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