DEEF - 脳 (Nou) LP


Deef, forming in 1979 in Sapporo City, Japan evolved from a school-age free jazz group into a raw hardcore band influenced by the global explosion of political punk and hardcore, as well as Japanese bands like The Stalin. During the early era, their Anti-Emperor gig series “Ten-Nou” was targeted by right wing groups, facilitating a change to the more clandestine “Nou-Ten” Gig, a phonetic play on words changing it’s meaning at face value. Keeping in mind their first cassette, 脳, was released before the Outsider Omnibus LP (GISM, Gauze, Comes, etc) when there were very few points of reference for DIY hardcore in Japan, the tracks on this LP show Deef pushing the envelope with the sound and intensity of their music comparative to their peers. This LP version of 脳 includes the first cassette in its entirety, tracks from the infamous, and almost non-existent Nouten Rockers omnibus from 1982, a completely unreleased studio EP session, and a furious live set from their earliest era, which shows some of the earliest influence of Discharge on Japanese hardcore. The audio has been specifically remastered for vinyl and sourced from the original master tapes. The LP includes a booklet with color and black and white photos, flyers, and liner notes and history in both English and Japanese.

Official reissue on General Speech.

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