POISON IDEA - Darby Crash Rides Again: The Early Years Vol. 1 LP


The first volume of Poison Idea’s "Kings of Punk" reissue series gets a full "redux" treatment, including resequenced and remastered audio and updated artwork and liner notes. Darby Crash rides again–again!

SIDE A (The Demos)
1. Theme
2. Poser
3. Death Pact
4. Swallow It
5. New Right
6. Give It Up ('81)
7. Give It Up ('82)
8. This Thing Called Progress
9. M.I.A.
10. Think Twice
11. Bounce The Rubble
12. All Right
13. Underage
14. Castration
15. Pure Hate
16. Young Lord

17. Typical
18. Legalize Freedom
19. Spy
20 . Motorhead
21. (I Hate) Reggae
22. Think Fast
23. Ugly American
24. Rich Get Richer
25. Pure Hate
26. Thorn In My Side

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