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Seven scratchy punk gems channeling a thing in which disaffected youth and energetic misfits alike can rally against the snow-soaked blandness of the Illinoian city they inhabit. Running the gamut from the proto-punk mayhem of DV8 to the early hardcore toughness of The Effigies and from the sinister outsider art of The Tyrades to the comparatively sophisticated Plasmatics. A thrilling statement of middle-finger intensity and rule smashing iconoclasm. Consensus Madness skirts the edges of chaos and good taste, holding a mirror up to society’s ugly underbelly.
“They’re good, bratty fun.” - Paul R.

350 on black and 150 on clear 70 gram vinyl housed in a glue pocket sleeve with lyric insert included. Recorded and mixed by David Wolf. Mastered by Will Killingsworth. Art by Mony Kaos with layout by Martin Sorrondeguy.

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