GAG - America's Greatest Hits LP / CD / CS

$8.00 - $18.00

GAG - America's Greatest Hits LP/CD/CS (LUNGS-075)

Destined to be the most famous of all the bands. At least in their vision of the future that is. We like them. You like them. Why not? Go big or fuck off.

Trippy violence and snake charms drenched in delay and fuel this wild, ugly, mid-tempo hardcore punk vehicle. All the way across the salt. For 180 days. Crew up and get down with America’s greatest.

200 pro-printed CDs sealed into digipak jackets.
200 pro-printed cassettes in J-Card covers housed in a sealed Norelco box..
**LP is currently sold out: 0 copies on 150gr vinyl housed in a 24pt jacket adorned with Scott Young’s perfect artwork. Insert and download card included. Recorded by Nudity’s own Capt. Tripps in Olympia, WA. Mastered by Will Killingsworth.

**every once in a while the shipping amounts will seem insane (usually for multiple record int’l orders or US orders with shirts and records together) but rest assured we check each and every order and will refund any differences.