$18.00 - $22.00

NO FUTURE - Mirror
LP / CS / digital
(LUNGS-257 / TS54)
CS and Digital out May 31st 2024, LP out later June

NO FUTURE steps up to the big size and only format that matters with 20 minutes of raging paranoid drum and bass driven noisy punk tracks in the vein of Sial, Lebenden Toten or Destino Final. “Mirror” is a tightening of ideas and a blast forward in sonic destruction akin to a sinkhole opening up and swallowing rock crushers and earth movers whole… in a word, massive. A fucking deadly thing meting out intense views on “modern life and how easy it is to realise there’s nothing to be done to make things better for any of us. The horrific and broken virtues of the worlds governments and social structures that preach empathy and respect for people but in reality, they crush the human spirit into an easily manipulated paste so they can mould us into a deranged image of what we were. And this process only continues when you realise it, you try to resist and fight back, sometimes you have success, but it is ultimately futile.” Get this now.

550 on black, 250 on trans purple 200 on opaque red 150gr vinyl housed in a reverse board 24pt jacket with poster and lyric sheet included. Recorded by Cameron Murphy. Mixed and mastered by Will Killingsworth. Art by Thomas Sweetman.

“Mirror” is also released in Australia on Televised Suicide, the source!

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