DECOMP - Condemned To Earth LP


Debut full length from the long standing PDX unit, DECOMP. Bitter, Angry and Aggressive in every sense. Following a couple ep’s and a few line up changes, this LP gives you a vulgar display of tightness and brutality performed by a band in their prime. Condemned to Earth finds them crossing that line into metal even further than before (complete with sick guitar leads) but still a chalk load of stench here to keep the crusties drunkenly bobbing their heads. There are plenty of nods to the usual suspects (ie SACRILEGE, BOLT THROWER, et al) with hardcore punk hooks bringing to mind FRAMTID, ENT and the like. The result is an uncomfortable soundscape of chugging riffs, breakdowns, plenty of tempo changes, with a thick layer of guttural, spiteful vocals. There are only so many times you can get away with using the word “brutal” to describe certain records, but this one is BRUTAL in every sense of the word. End of times crust for the filthy black waxed jacket punks and flowing locked heshers alike.

On Black Water Records.

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